Inspired X mas gifts

If you're still unsure about what presents to get this X-Mas why not infuse the festive season with some art exploring the inner core of objects, the alter ego of human bodies and spaces inbetween. Don't just buy, be inspired! Don't just offer, inspire!

There's still time to order Blurreal prints and books. Please email for a quote or follow the links bellow. Photographs are printed in Kodak Metallic paper which colours have a reflective, metallic and 3-dimensional feel and an archival life expectancy of 40 years daylight or 80 years in dark! Sizes and prices vary accordingly:

 £10 = 4"x6" [101.6x152.4mm]
£15 = 5"x7" [127x178mm]
£20 = 8"x10" [203.2x254mm]
£30 = 10"x12" [254x304.8mm]
£35 = 11"x14" [279.4x355.6mm]
£40 = 12"x16" [304.8x406.4mm]
£50 = 16"x20" [406.4x508mm]
£65 = 20"x24" [508x609.6mm]
£100 = 20"x30" [508x762mm]
£130 = 30"x40" [762x1016mm]
£150 = 30"x50" [762x1270mm]
£160 = 40"x50" [1016x1270mm]
£180 = 40"x60" [1016x1524mm]
£200 = 50"x60" [1270x1524mm]

 We are offering the delivery until the 1st of January and you will be able to pay via Paypal or bank transfer. To start simply visit our galleries and choose the picture you wish to print, when you rollover it, the name will be shown on the bottom, write it down and email it to together with the size reference and any other questions you might have. You can also have a look in Ds blurb shop where you can order a series of books designed by Ds Way and presenting all the Blurreal collections.

If you like arts & crafts, you'll love the colourful books made with Fabriano paper [great for drawing] and Blurreal pictures on the cover. Send an email to if you are interested, there are a couple of postcards left still too!


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