Berlinde, a game from the past

I was describing my childhood games and collections when I couldn't explain this one, so I google it but still can't find it in english. Berlinde is a small glass sphere always with different colors and effects, used to play the game with the same name. You would preferably play it outdoors, digging a small hole on the floor and trying to get the ball in it. For me these beautiful pieces were a source of inspiration and I could stare and explore light effects for hours with it...
It was indeed a duhh moment but it took me in a nice journey nevertheless :) Marbles was the word I was looking for! Better keep yours in safe place and don't loose them [at least in english]
Here's what Wikipedia says about it: Marbles can be used for a variety of games called marbles. They are often collected, both for nostalgia and for their aesthetic colors. In the North of England the objects and the game are called 'taws', with larger taws being called bottle washers after the use of a marble in Codd-neck bottles.

 [picture link to sources]


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