A snail's ride in the car window

Some days ago, a snail hitchhiked on the car window for what must have been the ride of its life and while at the time I was trying to stop my laugh to be able to film, afterwards it got me thinking...

Some journeys are driven by us, while in others we go with the flow of others. Sometimes they are planned by us but other times we're surprised by other's invitations. Sometimes they can even feel like an obligation, as there's no other way and yet other times as a blessing like we're taken to exactly where we should be.

Most times we don't even know where we should be until we get there by often mere chance.

Journey's can be taken within and without moving yet they always imply a sort of motion, a passage from one place or state to another and a transformation from how we start to how we arrive, from what we knew before and after what we experienced.

Like in all life's journeys we'll never know until we make the way, we can only trust that each choice is a turning point and there's no turning back, because no matter how big or small, every journey changes us forever.

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